Employer benefits:

  • Help mothers get back to work postpartum.

  • Attract and retain talented workers.

  • Support families in the workforce.

  • We help reduce parenting related costs.

  • Increase employee productivity.

  • Foster community among employees.

  • Nurtures loyal employees.

Employee benefits:

  • One-on-one expert help via text and talk, when needed

  • Private community forums on niche topics, expert-guided.

  • On-site experts for weekly parenting groups and monthly lectures.

  • Improves family sleep.

  • Helps smooth morning routines.

  • Boosts confidence at home.

  • Lowers stress & increase mental health.

  • Addresses issues before they become chronic.

Parenting Made Easier

From Cradle to College

Reliable and effective support for modern, hard-working parents.

We offer a 24/7 personalized support service with effective guidance from vetted experts on all parenting struggles.

A Broad Spectrum of Parenting Problems

Your employees will be able to conveniently get help with a wide range of parenting and family issues without time-consuming appointments. Our experts can guide parents through challenges from birth to college.


An Easy Process

No eligibility files needed, no waiting period to get started. We bill based on headcount and don’t need to integrate into health plan systems. TellStella complements other benefits programs without overlap.


For Everyone

TellStella’s services are open to all of the caregivers within a family, and not just the employee. We think it's important that both parents have access to the support they need.


Employee Mental Health

TellStella provides support to re-establish healthy sleep routines, address separation anxiety, decrease parenting anxiety, guilt and overwhelm, manage stress, increase confidence, and help eliminate the feeling of helplessness associated with parenting.


Parenting Experts Supplement Doctors and Therapists

Medical and mental health providers are not trained in providing solutions that are parent specific. Our experts are - and they are the best in the field.

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