Get parenting advice that actually helps.

Toddler Biting? Teen Drama? Testing and Talkback? Discipline Challenges?


Our experts are here for you via text or talk. Let’s get you vetted, expert, one-on-one help, completely focused on you and your family.

What We Do

       We coach to help stop the yelling.

       We get partners on the same page.

       We offer tools to foster cooperation.

       We guide for seamless bedtimes.

       We help set limits with love.

       We even get nerdy about brain science

       and developmental milestones to help

       you best understand your child.

      Connect with TellStella experts by text

      or talk whenever you need guidance

      and support.


Who We Are

TellStella is a team of highly trained parenting experts who can help you tackle your toughest problems. We are marriage and family counselors. We are doulas. We are behavioral specialists. We are educators. We are authors. We are advocates. And we are on-demand judgement-free personalized support for you and your family.


How It Works

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Live Expert Help

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Ongoing Support

Come back to TellStella and work with your coach whenever you need help!



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Session Fees:

A session is 30 minutes (text or talk) and costs $60.

Sleep Coaching Program:

$500 for a 30-minute information intake, 1-hour personalized plan, and unlimited texting support for 1 week.

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